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General Notices:
There are no general notices at this time  (25/09/2017 2:39:04 PM)
School Status:
All schools are open at this time.  (25/09/2017 2:39:04 PM)
Transportation Status:
25/09/2017 2:39:04 PM
Order by: 
RunOperatorStatusAffected Schoolsvia TransfersTime
770M T2 MIDDAYFirst Student AjaxDelayed 10 Min
  • St Bernadette C.S.
  •  1:01 PM 25/09/2017
    849 AMFirst Student AjaxDelayed 10 Min
  • Altona Forest P.S.
  • St Elizabeth Seton C.S.
  •  2:28 PM 25/09/2017
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